Critters in the Classroom is a series of outreach programs offered by BIOSE.  “Critters” uses live animals that are native to the area to help teach science concepts in schools.  Many of these presentations can be tailored to the specific interests of the group.  “Critters” programs are also a good fit for scout groups, civic organizations, outdoor festivals, and anyone interested in conservation or wildlife.

To schedule a program or contact BIOSE:

Dr. Tom Sproat                                                            e-mail:

P.O. Box 15455                                                             phone:  (859) 363-1665

Covington, KY 41015

BIOSE can customize presentations for the specific interests of non-school groups.  Formal presentations using live animals to illustrate ecology concepts can be created.  Informal and outdoor presentations are also available for festivals looking for natural history interpreters.

The cost for presentations varies depending on topics and length of time.

School presentations are tailored to fit the school schedule (typically 45-60 minutes).  “Critters” presentations are often aligned with the Kentucky Core Content for science. 

· Predators and prey” looks at how animals are adapted to catching food, not being caught as food, or both.  Also a good program to learn about ecology and the web of life.

· Animal adaptations” focuses on how animals have different traits which help them survive in an ever changing world.

Some of our more popular topics include :

· Fur, feathers, and scales” shows some of the different types of animals found in the Midwest.