In addition to “Critters in the Classroom” programs, BIOSE offers educational programs in natural science.  Most of these programs can be adapted to specific interests of your group or class; including concepts from the Kentucky Department of Education’s Core Content or scout badge requirements.

Most BIOSE programs involve some “hands-on” or “inquiry based” learning where students can apply their knowledge to specific problems.  We have also developed programs that link natural science with human history. 

Three programs that have been well received are:

· Out of the Ice” uses actual prehistoric artifacts to illustrate the changes in prehistoric human society in the Ohio River valley.  Hands-on activities are also available to add a fun appreciation for how human society was effected as the natural environment changed during the past 10,000 years.

· Life After Dark” takes a look at the biology of animals adapted to living at night.  Experiential learning activities help participants glimpse what life is like being nocturnal.

· Dendrochronology: Nature’s time machines” investigates how tree rings record the weather patterns of many years ago.  The program connects basic botany and tree growth with events in human history from the past 100 years.


BIOSE is also developing two new programs that will integrate natural science with mathematics:

· “Mastodons and Math” reviews the prehistoric immigration of wooly mammoths and mastodons into northern Kentucky.  The program integrates math into understanding the arrival and then disappearance of Kentucky’s largest mammal.

· “Compass Course”  is an outdoor program that teaches people how to use a compass for basic navigation.  This program (for learners 12 years or older) is hands-on and requires a moderate level of physical activity.  A follow-up program on map reading will also be available.

To schedule a program or contact BIOSE:

Dr. Tom Sproat                                                            e-mail:

P.O. Box 15455                                                             phone:  (859) 363-1665

Covington, KY 41015