Professional Development Opportunities

Tim Ferguson
Forest Ecology Project

Tim Ferguson was pursuing a degree in Biology Education and wanted experience doing research, so he could explain “first hand” to his students what research was like. BIOSE guided Mr. Ferguson in developing a research project evaluating how small mammals respond to forests that had been clear-cut vs. selective-cut. Working with BIOSE and Mead Paper Company, he spent six weeks conducting his research in Mead’s “experimental forest” in southern Ohio. Tim presented his findings at the Kentucky Academy of Science’s Annual Meeting and went on to show his high school biology students just how science research works.

Rachelle Johnson
Age and Gender Study

Rachelle Johnson approached BIOSE seeking an opportunity to do research that would help her pursue a degree in Psychology. With BIOSE’s guidance, Rachelle designed an experiment to compare how age and gender affect decision-making. Using two “taste tests”, Rachelle tested college students and faculty to compare age and gender differences in peoples’ preference for types of cola. As a result of her research project, Rachelle was the first student at Gateway Community and Technical College to present research at the Kentucky Academy of Science’s Annual Meeting. She went on to complete her college education in Psychology at a 4-year university.

Tommy Thompson
Middle School Herbarium

Tommy Thompson was teaching middle school science in a rural, Kentucky school district when he approached BIOSE for help. Mr. Thompson wanted to create a life science education activity that involved both indoor and outdoor class time. BIOSE paired him with a professional botanist who specialized in taxonomy and preserving plant specimens in an herbarium. Through this experience, Tommy developed a multi-day, biology activity for middle school students to learn how to identify and preserve plants from their area. As a result of this science activity, his students created the first middle school herbarium in Kentucky.
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