Education Programs

Critters in the Classroom
(All grade levels: K-16)

BIOSE's premiere outreach program incorporates live animals and hands-on artifacts to teach life science concepts to all ages. Each presentation is tailored to the specific needs and concepts of the school or organization. Click here for more details.

African Animal Algebra
(Grades 7 and Up)
(A non-math option is available for grades 4-6.)

Skulls can tell a lot about the life and adaptations of an animal. In this program students will use science and math to identify the species and some adaptations of actual African animals.

Compass Course
(Grades 6 and Up)

Using a large, outdoor area this program incorporates math and earth science concepts into an interactive learning experience. Students learn how to use a compass to solve basic navigation challenges. A follow-up program on map reading and math is also available.

CSI: Road Kill
(Grades 6 and Up)

Here’s our version of a “Who done it” mystery. Learn about how to use the features of skulls to identify a variety of local animal species. Then interview our live animal “suspects” to solve the mystery of who the victim was and the killer's identity.

Evolution for Everyone
(Grades 7 and Up)

Evolution is a foundational concept of biology but may seem hard to understand. This program uses real world examples and interactive learning to bring the concept of evolution “to life”. (An understanding of science method and genetics is required before this program.)

Heart of the Matter
(Grades 6 and Up)

This program teaches the basics of the scientific method so students can learn about their bodies through an actual science experiment. We explore the circulatory system and how blood pressure relates to overall heath, then students conduct an actual experiment following changes in blood pressure.

Out of the Ice
(Grades 6 and Up)

Most of the midwestern U.S. was covered with glaciers before humans arrived. Through hands-on artifacts and activities we explore how prehistoric human technology and culture changed as the glaciers thawed and the environment came “out of the ice”.

Tree Rings: Nature's Time Machine
(Grades 6 and Up)

Each year, a tree creates a “growth ring” that tells about that year. Scientists study tree rings to learn about the history of a forest. This program introduces how trees grow and what that growth tells us about the past.
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