The equilateral triangle captures the three-fold mission of BIOSE. 


Through educational, research, and

professional development programs, BIOSE strives to serve the science literacy needs of the region.

Welcome to BIOSE !

Biology Integration and Outreach for Science Education (BIOSE) is a non-profit organization that serves the life science education needs for northern Kentucky and southwestern Ohio.

Our three-fold mission is to provide :

· life science education opportunities for   students in K-12 educational settings;

· science and education research opportunities for students and teachers;

· educational and professional development opportunities for lifelong learning.

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To schedule a program or contact BIOSE:

Dr. Tom Sproat                                                            e-mail:

P.O. Box 15455                                                             phone:  (859) 363-1665

Covington, KY 41015

What’s new at BIOSE ?


BIOSE is a young non-profit organization but we have been supporting science education for more than five years.


Did you know that our “Critters in the Classroom” program, which uses live animals from northern Kentucky to teach science concepts, has been going to schools since early 2005?


In 2004, our “GEAR UP Science Camp” won the Collaboration Award presented by Forward/Quest and the Northern Kentucky Council of Partners.

Did you know . . .


mother giraffes give birth standing up?


For a giraffe, the risk of being killed by a lion is so great that giraffes do not lie down to sleep or give birth.  A lion is quick enough to kill a giraffe before it can stand up.


So, baby giraffes enter the world with a SIX FOOT fall !


Thud !